IRONBARK | Tyagarah

Our master carpenters transformed a tired home in the Byron Hinterland into a timber dream. A-grade Ironbark was used throughout the renovation, all finished in VOC-free natural oils.

balanced-earth-tyagarah-9 copy.jpg

balanced-earth-tyagarah-5 copy.jpg

To add dynamism to the simple shape of the house we constructed a grand entrance way on the south east side. Crafted entirely from Ironbark, this structure became the focal point of the home.

balanced-earth-tyagarah-6 copy.jpg

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balanced-earth-tyagarah-1 copy.jpg
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In addition to the main house renovation we also completed rock walls & landscaping works, a spa platform and an ironbark bridge connecting the main house to the pool area.

balanced-earth-tyagarah-3 copy.jpg
balanced-earth-tyagarah-7 copy.jpg